Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Twice Baked Potatoes

We had potatoes that needed to be eaten, but not much else. My family isn't as big on P n' toppings as I am, so I made up this version:

1. Baked potato (i cheated and cooked them mostly in the micro, then finished in the oven for better taste)

2. Some kinda Meat (bacon, ham, we used breakfast sausage, chopped up- highly recommended!)

3. shredded cheese.

Scoop out the potato insides, leaving a bowl. Save insides.

Mix meat, cheese, and some (not all!) of the potato insides, and a bit of salt/spices.

Salt/pepper the bowl, then pack it with mixture.

It seemed a little boring last time I tried it, so i drizzled some butter over the top, then piled on the cheese.

Bake 400* for about 13-15 min, till heated through and cheese is melty. It was good served with broccolli.

I have also heard of adding cream cheese, garlic, and sour cream to mixture. yum.