Thursday, October 2, 2014

foil wraps

i wanted to note down some ideas for different camping (or stove) foil dinners.. just keeping record for future use.. you can make all these ahead of time and take them out with you.

enchiladas.. tortillas w/ cooked chicken, etc, wrapped in foil

cooked apples- core apple, stuff with brown sugar and cinnimon, raisins and even oats.  wrapped and baked

breakfast - sausage, hashbrowns, peppers, onions.. not sure about some scrambled egg, and seems like the sausage ought to be cooked first..

chili cheese fries- frozen fries w/ chili on top with cheese. a baked potato would work too.. just heat up and eat

loaded baked potato -

dinner- sausage, potato cubes, grean beans.. spices?  sauce?

refrigerated cinnimon rolls, in a hollowed out orange peel.  yum.

grilled s'mors banana.. wrap in peel/foil, add choc and marshmellows after hot

apple crisp.. you know what time it is.

fish - a bit of oil, lemon pepper, s/p