Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Linda Porter's Strawberry Pie

This is one of the best pies I have ever eaten. Maybe it's the cream cheese, or the shortbread crust, but Mmm Mmmm.

Crust: 1 1/2 c flour, 1/3 c pwdr sugar, 3/4 c soft butter. Mix and press into pie pan. Bake at 350 until golden (10-15 min?)

Stir 1 T white sugar into 8 oz of cream cheese. Spread over crust in thin layer.

1 c sugar
1 c water
1/4 tsp almond extract
3 T cornstarch
2 T strawberry jello powder

Combine in saucepan and heat until mixture boils and thickens, stirring frequently. Place strawberries (whole or in large pieces) on top of cream cheese layer and pour mixture over top. Allow to cool/set.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Crescent Zucchini Pie

Don't skimp on the mustard.

1 tube refrigerated crescent rolls
2 t. Dijon mustard (we used honey dijon)

4 c. sliced zucchini
1 c. chopped onion
6 T. butter

2 eggs, lightly beaten
1 c. (4 oz.) shredded mozzarella
1 c. (4 oz.) shredded colby-jack
2 T. parsley
1/2 t. salt
1/2 t. pepper
1/4 t. basil
1/4 t. oregano

Spread the roll dough out into a 9-inch pie dish, making sure any seams are well sealed. Spread with mustard.

In a large skillet, saute zucchini and onion in butter until tender.

In a large bowl, combine the eggs, cheese, seasonings and zucchini mixture. Pour into crust.

Bake at 375 for 25-35 min or until an inserted knife comes out clean. Cover edges with foil, if needed.

I've made this three times, with several variations, including my favorite of replacing the cheeses with 3/4 cup swiss and 1 cup ricotta, and add another egg. It still works, but you may need to adjust the cooking time and temperature.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sweet Potato Chili Bake

2 c. cubed, peeled sweet potato
1 medium sweet red pepper, chopped
1 T. olive oil

1 garlic clove minced

1 can diced tomatoes, undrained
2 c. vegetable broth
1 can black beans, drained and rinsed
4 1/2 t. brown sugar
1/2 to 1 jar of Homade Chili Sauce (added to recipe by Claire)
3 t. chili powder (this seemed like a lot, so I made them small teaspoons, but it didn't end up tasting too chili powdery)
1 t. salt
1/2 t. pepper

1 pkg. corn bread/muffin mix
1/2 c. shredded cheddar cheese

In an ovenproof Dutch ovven, saute sweet potato and red pepper in oil until crisp-tender.
Add garlic; cook 1 minute longer.
Add tomatoes, broth, beans, brown sugar, chili powder, salt and pepper (and Homade Chili Sauce). Bring to a boil. Reduce heat; simmer, uncovered, for 15-20 minutes or until potatoes are tender. (This looks like way too much liquid, but don't worry- after it bakes, it's fine).

Meanwhile, prepare the corn bread batter according to package directions; stir in cheese.
Drop by spoonful over chili.

Cover and bake at 400 degrees for 18-20 minutes (I took the lid off the last couple min to brown the top) or until a toothpick inserted near the center comes out clean.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rhubarb Upside Down Cake

Ok, Gordon and I made this Sunday evening, and it was delicious. I think we ate half of it that night.


* 2/3 cup sugar (the original recipe called for maple sugar, so we added a little maple flavoring to this, and it was pretty tasty)
* 3 tablespoons butter, melted
* 2-1/4 cups diced fresh or frozen rhubarb
* 4-1/2 teaspoons sugar
* 6 tablespoons butter, softened
* 3/4 cup sugar
* 2 large eggs, separated
* 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
* 1 cup plus 2 tablespoons (4 1/2 ounces)flour
* 1-1/2 teaspoons baking powder
* 1/2 teaspoon salt
* 1/4 cup whole milk (I used a mixture of the milk I had on hand, plus some cream)
* 1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar

1) Preheat oven to 325° F. Grease a 9-inch round cake pan. In a small bowl, combine the sugar & melted butter. Spread in the bottom of the prepared pan. Layer with the rhubarb & sprinkle with 4 1/2 teaspoons of sugar. Set aside.
2) In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, cream the butter & 3/4 cups of maple sugar until light & fluffy, about 5 minutes. Add the egg yolks & vanilla extract and mix.
3) In a small bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder, and salt. With the mixer running on low, slowly add half of the flour, the milk, and the other half of the flour, beating well after each addition & scraping down the sides of the bowl as necessary.
4) In a clean, medium-sized bowl, beat the egg whites with the cream of tartar until stiff peaks form. Gradually fold into the batter. Gently spoon over the rhubarb in the pan.
5) Bake in preheated oven until the cake springs back when lightly touched, about 50-60 minutes. Cool in pan on a rack for 10 minutes before inverting onto a serving plate.